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Here’s why you need a Hand Therapist

When you’ve injured your hand or wrist, and you need help, where do you turn? The list can be long and confusing: physical therapy, occupational therapy, hand therapy. Which one do you make an appointment with? Does it matter? Actually, it does. There is a difference between a physical therapist and a  hand therapist. Choosing the …

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Tech-Related Hand Pain | Q&A

Dr. Steven H. Goldberg answers your questions about Tech-Related Hand Pain, symptoms and myths related to common activities such as texting, typing and playing video games and whether they cause hand pain. Article Reference: ASSH | Handcare If you need help with any of the below, feel free to contact me or book an appointment. …

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What is a Custom Orthosis?

After an injury, surgery, or onset of certain conditions, your doctor may ask you to see a hand therapist.  Your prescription for therapy might include the need for a custom orthosis, commonly referred to as a brace or splint.  A custom orthosis is a device that is molded to and worn on a specific body …

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The Mallet Finger Orthosis

An injury to the extensor tendon in Zone 1, over the Distal Inter-Phalangeal (DIP) joint and/or middle phalanx, is termed a mallet finger. This injury occurs when there has been a disruption of the terminal slip extensor tendon, causing the finger to droop and the inability to actively extend the fingertip. The mechanism of injury …

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How Do Broken Bones Heal?

Have you ever wondered how broken bones heal? Broken bones, also called fractures, can heal two different ways.  The two types of bone healing are primary and secondary bone healing.  Secondary bone healing is more common than primary bone healing. Secondary bone healing occurs when there is slight, controlled motion between the two ends of …

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