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Month: May 2019

What is a Custom Orthosis?

After an injury, surgery, or onset of certain conditions, your doctor may ask you to see a hand therapist.  Your prescription for therapy might include the need for a custom orthosis, commonly referred to as a brace or splint.  A custom orthosis is a device that is molded to and worn on a specific body …

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Does smoking really affect my healing?

Does smoking really make that big of a difference??  About 25% of our adult population smokes cigarettes.  We understand that quitting smoking can be extremely difficult.  But what if you have had an injury and/or surgery?  Will it really make a difference if you smoke?  Yes.  This is not what the smokers out there want …

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The Mallet Finger Orthosis

An injury to the extensor tendon in Zone 1, over the Distal Inter-Phalangeal (DIP) joint and/or middle phalanx, is termed a mallet finger. This injury occurs when there has been a disruption of the terminal slip extensor tendon, causing the finger to droop and the inability to actively extend the fingertip. The mechanism of injury …

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