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Month: October 2018

What Is Hand Dystonia?

Hand dystonia is a neurological condition that causes involuntary movement or cramps in the hand or arm muscles when performing a task. Let’s take a look at the condition and how it is treated. What Is Hand Dystonia? Hand dystonia, or focal hand dystonia, is also known as writer’s cramp, musician’s cramp or even musician’s …

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Women with Dupuytren Disease

A traditional Dupuytren narrative is that Dupuytren disease is primarily a painless nuisance problem of bent fingers in old men. This perception does a disservice to many. Not only is Dupuytren common in women, it may also present a unique burden to women. Updating the traditional narrative is central to raising awareness about Dupuytren. Overall, …

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Which jobs can cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

A light at the end of the carpal tunnel? You may have heard that typing on a computer all day can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, but a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released on Thursday shows there are far more jobs that put workers at risk for the condition.Carpal tunnel …

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How To Prevent Injuries When Playing Tennis

Pain in the wrist, arm and elbow is fairly common amongst tennis players. Tennis is quite strenuous on the arm as a whole, and injury is usually the result of chronic overuse, poor technique or incorrect equipment, however acute injuries also occur from impact or tripping over. If you are experiencing prolonged pain in the wrists, hands …

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What is Occupational Therapy?

About Occupational Therapy Occupational therapists are qualified health professionals who work with people of all ages and abilities to do the things they need and want to in all aspects of life, such as taking care of oneself and others, working, volunteering, and participating in hobbies, interests and social events.  Occupational therapists call these things “occupations”. …

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