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Month: November 2019

Types of Custom Orthoses

In the blog entitled “What is a Custom Orthosis?” basic information on custom orthoses was provided. But as hand therapists we can do so much more! In this blog, different types of custom orthoses and the reason your doctor and therapist may recommend one or another will be reviewed. In general, an orthosis is a …

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Tech-Related Hand Pain | Q&A

Dr. Steven H. Goldberg answers your questions about Tech-Related Hand Pain, symptoms and myths related to common activities such as texting, typing and playing video games and whether they cause hand pain. Article Reference: ASSH | Handcare If you need help with any of the below, feel free to contact me or book an appointment. …

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Adaptive Equipment for Hand Arthritis

Article Reference: ASSH | Handcare Hand arthritis can have a huge impact on performance of daily tasks. Activities like brushing your teeth or opening a jar can be painful and challenging. If you have pain and limitations due to hand arthritis, there are many products available to help improve hand function. 1. Automatic toothpaste dispenser …

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